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Tutor Profile #1

Welcome to Student Tutors very own Tutor Profile Blog! Here you’re welcome to read about our amazing tutors, their educational background and what they love doing in their day to day life. We hope our Tutor Profile's help you to...

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Tutor Profile #2

Welcome back for another Tutor Profile Blog! This week we will be featuring Celeste Martin. Celeste has an impressive educational background. She achieved an ATAR of 95.85 (Yikes!) then went on to graduate from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor...

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Tutor Profile #3

Welcome to our 3rd Tutor Profile Blog this week we are showcasing Sonia Nichole Truong! Sonia is a resilient student who had some set backs through out her learning. Sonia's attended Macquarie Feilds High School through her secondary schooling. Sonia's...

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Tutor Profile #4

It's Friday! You know what that means... It's time for our Tutor Profile Blog! The sun is shining, birds are chirping and students are studying. This week we are featuring Marco. Marco is a first-year University student studying a Bachelor...

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Tutor Profile #5

Welcome back for another Tutor Profile blog! This week we had the pleasure to get to know our very own Elize. Elize is a creative, outgoing and inspiring tutor. Some students in the Byron Bay region are lucky enough to...

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Tutor Profile #6

Fancy seeing you here... Welcome back to another Tutor Profile Blog This week we will be featuring Lily! Lily graduated High School in 2018 and in 2019 she made the big move to Canberra to peruse her dreams to study...