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The best way to get Tutoring in 2023

The Academic Tutoring market has changed dramatically since the arrival of Covid-19.

Due to Lockdowns, Tutor companies had to Pivot Online as did students who wanted to continue with their tutoring.

Its now been several years since the Emergence of Covid-19, so lets take a look at Online Tutoring and where it succeeded and where it did not.

Reluctance to embrace Online Tutoring

Initially, due to several factors, many Students and Tutoring companies did not embrace Online Tutoring. There as several reasons for this, as follows:

  1. Change resistance:
    Initially it was thought that the lockdowns would end quickly and things would return to normal for both Students and Tutors. So what actually happened was that that students and Tutors simply stopped getting together.
  2. Technology was not well understood:
    Both Students and Tutors had knowledge gaps on how to get or provide Online Tutoring. This contributed to the cessation of Online Tutoring Lessons.
  3. The actual Technology platforms for Online Tutoring:
    With most Online platforms being designed for corporate meetings, the actual platforms were not that useful for Online Tutoring. You had voice and screen communication however some fundamental gaps existed. Have you ever tried to use the freehand drawing tools to Tutor Math? Very slow and tedious for Students and Tutors alike.

The net result of the reluctance to embrace Online Tutoring resulted in a fall in the number of Tutoring session being conducted and Students got behind.

Tutoring companies were decimated and had revenue falls that were significant and as a consequence laid off a lot of staff.

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Pivot to Online Tutoring

Several companies pivoted to Online Tutoring using a mix of tools and whilst this kept them in business, they had a Technology overload. Online Tutoring companies were using so many tools to conduct Online Tutoring that it was confusing for Student, Parents and Tutors. Think about the tools required:

Online Booking Systems for Tutors and Students.

Online screen and audio tools, like Zoom or Teams

No way to check when Online Sessions had actually taken place.

Invoicing systems that did not connect to the Online Tutor platform meant that most companies cobbled together a Time sheeting system for Online Tutors to claim payment for the Online Tutor session conducted with a Student.

And a whole lot of other systems that were required to book, conduct, complete and deliver a successful Online Tutoring session.

Finessing Online Tutoring

After 2 Years of business pain, Online Tutoring has changed for good. Following are some of the changes and benefits that have now finally made their way into the Tutoring market:

  1. Best of Breed Tutoring Platforms:
    New Tutoring Platforms mean that Online Tutoring sessions can be performed better online than in person. For example, the new purpose built Tutoring platforms have surpassed the lack of Math symbols in corporate meeting tools. For example, new Tutoring platforms have Math symbols, this means that Tutors do not have to waste time drawing freehand and this provides a better service and experience for both the Tutor and Student.
  2. Better Matched Students and Tutors:
    Given that Tutors can now be matched with Students far better as it is no longer Geography based, this means Tutor companies can deliver the right skills at the right time to the student. This has reduced wait time for students to get the right Tutor and increased the satisfaction of the overall service.
  3. Lost Knowledge and working’s significantly Reduced:
    When Tutoring was conduct face to face, the Student and Tutor often had the workings of the problem they were addressing written down on a piece of paper. Once the Tutor left, that piece of paper, the working written down on how to solve the problem were left with the Student. Often the Student misplaced that piece of Paper and when it come time to Revise the subject, they could not remember how to solve the problem.Tutor Companies that have addressed Online Tutoring properly have ensured that all Online Tutor sessions are recorded so that the Student can go back to look at the session, see the workings and revise on how to solve the problem.
  4. Increased Reliability and Timeliness:

Given that Tutors and Parents don’t have to commute when completing Online Tutor lessons, all parties have now become more timely in attending lessons. Fewer people experience travel delays, car parking issues and factors that physical attendance at a location required.

Summary Online Tutoring

The Tutoring companies that have got Online Tutoring right, are far outstripping the Face to Face companies. The experience for Student and Tutors alike is better, faster, higher quality and more sustainable do to lower turnover of Student and Tutors who get frustrated with commuting for Face to Face Tutoring.