Distance Education Tutors


For Athletes, Dancers and Performers

Student Tutors haven been working with students in full-time dance, elite sport and performance since 2013. We facilitate schooling for talented students who decide to follow their passion of dance, elite sports or the arts on a Full Time level. In this program, we work with Secondary, TAFE, University and Master level students to facilitate their learning whilst they pursue their Sporting or Arts Career.

We have Tutors that can assist with all key subjects and where we don’t have a Tutor, we will recruit a Tutor to fit the requirements. We have Tutored Rugby Players, Ballerinas, Cricketers from Year 7 to Masters Degree and MBA  Levels.

We have a Tutor network that includes University Students, Teachers, Post Graduate Masters, Doctorate and PHD level Tutors.

We match Tutors to Students and ensure we have a fit for both Subject content and time slots. Delivery is Face to Face where possible or online using the worlds most advanced Tutoring Platform that caters for shared Whiteboards, Math symbols, graphing, charting and Resource drawers for specific subjects.

We can invoice via your Sporting body association with full Reporting and Visibility of every Tutor session combined with Recordings for Revision, perfect for time challenged Elite Athletes.

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We also offer a premium component to our service, allowing for us to be our students supervisors under their distance education school. With this role we manage all communication between students and their school teachers as well as facilitate all examinations and assessments throughout the year.

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Our hand picked tutoring team work with the students on a  daily basis, providing academic support. This is normally conducted at the studio and within their free time between training.


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We also train our staff in a certain way for working with these driven students. We aim to not only assist with their schooling, but also mentor them as they move through this life transition. We act to work with the Trainers and Coaches as well as the distance education providers to find a holistic and balanced approach for assisting every unique student.