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Student Tutors began tutoring in Brisbane in 2015 when we branched into QLD. Brisbane has a number of experienced tutors who can provide a multitude of services. Looking to find a Tutor near me?

We offer home and local library sessions within a 25km radius of Brisbane CBD.

If you are looking for Tutors near me or a Tutor near me, we can help. Private Tutoring near me

We are able to offer:


Natasha is a young and passionate educator working for Student Tutors in Brisbane.

I played for many sporting teams and music groups so I understand the busyness of school life and how to manage time wisely in order to achieve greatly in every aspect. Whilst at school I had to the opportunity to tutor students in the grade below me, and I was also given the opportunity to be a carer for special needs children at Sony Camp

Natasha is a Biomedical Science Student at the University of Queensland

Frequently Asked Questions

How does choosing a tutor for private tutoring work?

Our process works by contacting our enquiry team. Our Enquiries team leader, Olivia will discuss your needs with you and provide a short list of tutors who may fit your needs.

Once a tutor is chosen we find a specific time and location to start regular sessions.

Start this process now by contacting us here 

How are private tutoring sessions run?

Private tutoring sessions are run in many different ways. 

Examples include:

  • Working through weekly homework tasks
  • Working on due assignments
  • Working on solidifying knowledge around the syllabus; particularly for senior students
  • Mock examination questions
  • Reading and Writing skills
  • Set plan for catching up on missed school work- normally organised in conjunction with school teachers

The sessions we run at Student Tutors allow for full flexibility. We often understand this means changing up the style of your sessions and our tutors welcome this. 

Do I get to choose my tutor?

Yes, you can if you would like. We regularly make suggestions based off your needs as well.

Are there contracts to join?

None at all. We understand thing change and don’t want anyone to feel restricted using our services. 

Do we have to have regular sessions?

Not at all. You are welcome to have trial sessions or a few sessions to help with specific assignments. We do not have lock in contracts, so you can leave at any time

How does payment work?

We only charge after the sessions have taken place. We offer cash payments, bank deposits, direct debit, PayPal payments and credit cards.

Our Pricing can be found here.

Let us Find you a Tutor. We can search our Database and get back to you. Fill out the Contact Us form below and we will get started. Typical response within 24 hours!

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