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Tutor Profile #3

Welcome to our 3rd Tutor Profile Blog this week we are showcasing Sonia Nichole Truong!

Sonia is a resilient student who had some set backs through out her learning. Sonia’s attended Macquarie Feilds High School through her secondary schooling. Sonia’s hard efforts were realised when she achieved a 96.5 ATAR with a Band 6 in Advanced English, Mathematics and Design and Technology! (Talk about triple threat!)

Lets get into it!

Subject Specialisation:

Achieving a Band 6 in English and Mathematics is why I chose to specialise in Maths and English for Primary and Junior High School Students.

Special Skills:

B-Boying, I can babyfreeze (Haha) I can also spin a ball on my finger whilst switching fingers!

I also take on Swimming and Karate commitments.

This is probably not a skill to recommend but I’m a horrible baker. I’ve baked at least 10 times and I can firmly say that I’ve failed in one way or another at every attempt! (Me too Sonia!)

Advice You Would Give To Students:

”Don’t feel discouraged because I’ve been there, done that and that ain’t the right mind set to be in”

Don’t let your results define your self worth – cheesy yes I know! In all honesty, from a holistic perspective that 1 exam wont hold a momentous effect on your future.

If you are a year 12 student, I can’t stress enough that there is an immeasurable amount of pathways that you can purse towards your dream career even if you fall short through the HSC. (I wish I had of known this earlier)

At times your shoulders may feel weighty but know that 60,000 other students are in the same boat as you.

We will see you next week for our Tutor Profile Blog #4

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