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Tutor Profile #6

Fancy seeing you here…

Welcome back to another Tutor Profile Blog

This week we will be featuring Lily!

Lily graduated High School in 2018 and in 2019 she made the big move to Canberra to peruse her dreams to study International Security Studies at the ANU.

Look out Channel 7 Border Security here she comes!

– Educational background & subject specialisations:
During Year 12 I did a cast array of subjects including Modern History, English and Italian.
My subject specialisations are Primary School, English (YR7-YR10) History (YR7-YR10)

– What do you most love about your work as a tutor?
What I love most about being a tutor is being about to help a student reach their full potential.
My Dad always says ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’
I believe this is true in the process of teaching. When a student knows their full potential and how to reach it, then they can achieve anything!

– Special skills:
My hobbies include playing the flute and listening to musical theatre.

– Advice you would give to all students:
‘Try your best because you don’t know what your best is until you do it’

That’s a wrap for Tutor Profile #6
Stay tuned for more Tutor Profile blogs to come