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Tutor Profile #1

Welcome to Student Tutors very own Tutor Profile Blog!

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I have had the honour of interviewing Olivia Stolz this week.

Let’s kick things off!

Educational background & subject specialisations:

I Completed HSC at St Peter’s Catholic College Tuggerah in 2018, DUX of school, ATAR of 95.75, ranked 1st in all 12 units (English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics General, Ancient History, Drama, Studies of Religion 2 unit); gained E12 Scholarship into the University of Sydney, currently 1st year student studying Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in English)/Bachelor of Advanced Studies in Media and Communications; also currently working as Enquiries manager of Student Tutors

What do you most love about your work as a tutor?

My favourite part of being a tutor is being able to connect with different students of different ages and backgrounds and assist them with their learning and understanding. My main aim as a tutor is to have my students look forward to seeing me each week and ignite excitement and passion within their learning and studies.

Special skills:

– I enjoy performance poetry (won a scholarship for my performance poetry in Youth in Performing Arts (YIPA) in 2018)
– I can speak French and travelled to France for an exchange in 2016
– I live on a farm with 10 sheep, 2 dogs and 2 cats

Advice you would give to all students:

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”- The only limits you experience in life are ones that you put in place yourself. Each and every individual has the opportunity to do what they put their mind to. When it comes to school and school work, all you can do is try your hardest and do the best that you can. Don’t be afraid to work hard to get what you want.


“We have been really happy to have Olivia as our tutor. She always arrives on time and with a positive attitude. The Children are both comfortable with her and I have seen an improvement in both of them. I would definitely recommend Olivia as she has been excellent with my children” – Jessica

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Olivia Stolz and stay tuned for more Tutor Profile Blogs to come!

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