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Tutor Profile #5

Welcome back for another Tutor Profile blog!

This week we had the pleasure to get to know our very own Elize.

Elize is a creative, outgoing and inspiring tutor. Some students in the Byron Bay region are lucky enough to call Elize their tutor. Our team here at Student Tutors are lucky to call Elize our Recruitment Manager!

Educational background & subject specialisations:

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and am now studying to be a high school English teacher. I specialise in English, Modern/Ancient History, Visual Arts, Drama and Society and Culture. If you ask me a high school maths question it may just break my brain!

What do you most love about your work as a tutor?

I really enjoy getting to know my students and helping them cultivate a love of learning. Seeing them grasp a new concept or get excited about an assignment is the best!

Special skills:

If you need someone to take a photo that authentically captures the moment, I’m your gal. I love to shoot on film and always have a camera around my neck.

Advice you would give to all students:

There is so much to discover and know! Stay curious and hungry to learn and the world will open up to you in incredible ways.

That’s a wrap for Tutor Profile #5!

Stay tuned for more Tutor Profile blogs to come