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Tutor Profile #2

Welcome back for another Tutor Profile Blog!

This week we will be featuring Celeste Martin.

Celeste has an impressive educational background. She achieved an ATAR of 95.85 (Yikes!) then went on to graduate from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Arts (Human Geography and Environment) with distinction in 2018. Celeste has recently started a Masters of Teaching (Secondary).

Lets kick things off!

Subject specialisations:

My subject specialisations are mainly Geography, History and English.

What do you love most about being a tutor?

I most love the feeling that I have helped somebody. Though this may be helping the student to complete an assignment or to understand a concept they were really struggling with.

I particularly love being able to assist the student in realising that they have the ability to do well and keep improving.

Special skills:

I love photography and baking.

Advice you would give to all students:

”Organisation is essential and will make everything else so much easier”

Not one test, assignment or grade is the be-all and end-all so don’t stress too much and don’t give up.

Improvement is always possible, it just takes figuring out how you learn. Put in lots of practice and hard work and believe that you can do it.

Thanks for reading this weeks Tutor Profile Blog.

Stay tuned for our interview with Sonia N next week!