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Physics is a subject that requires both math and formulas. Understanding the concepts of acceleration, motion and many more are required for HSC, VCE and University courses.

If a student misses out on any of the fundamental lessons where these topics are covered, they can have issues dealing with the Exams for Physics. This is where Physics Tutoring comes in!

Physics Tutors can assist students with covering off broad concepts or very specific concepts and exam preparation for Physics. Physics Tutors often relay how the student understands the concept, can use the formula, but when faced with exam conditions, often the physics questions are a derivative of the physics concept.

For example, a Physics student may understand the concept and formula for force on an electric charge F = qE, but may not know how to use the formula when they are provided with the data in a different sequence that requires the formula to be re-worked.

This is where Physics Tutors come in, they can help the Students use the formula in different ways to calculate unknowns. A Physics Tutor will get sample questions and help the Student to solve the working out of the problem.

Where Students are missing mathematical concepts, the Physics Tutor will often have to help with the Math concepts as well as Physics to work out the Physics problem.

Face to Face Physics Tutoring versus Online Physics Tutoring

Face to Face Tutoring was about 99% of the Tutoring Market prior to COVID-19. Many online tools did not have the capability for formulas, and this made it difficult for both the student and especially for the Tutor to work on complex problems.

3 Years later and there are now specialised Tutoring Online platforms that feature spcifc tools to create formula and mathematical symbols. Its much easier for a Physics Tutor to demonstrate the workings of a Physics problem with these symbols in place.

If session are conducted online by the Physics Tutor, then there is an added benefit if the session are recorded and access is provided to the student as the student can use these recordings to conduct revision and refresh prior to exams.

Now that these online Tutoring platforms are available with Physics and Math symbols, Online Physics tutor sessions are now better than Face to Face as the workings are never lost, neither is the context of how to solve the problem.

Online Physics Content available free to Physics Students

Online Physics Tutoring is also supplemented with Online Lessons that students can view before they have a Online Physics Tutoring Session with a Physics Tutor. This enables the Student to watch the Physics topics and work out what they understand and what they don’t before they have a Tutor session with their Physics Tutor.

AirLearners is the parent company of Student Tutors and AirLearners.com has an established Your Tube Chanel were students can go and view Lessons for Physics.

At this Stage, we have recorded the main topics for VCE Physics including the following:

VCE Physics Unit 3 Introduction to Physics and Recap of Unit 1 and Unit 2

VCE Physics 3/4 Flux and Lenz’s Law and Faradays Law Lesson 2

VCE Physics Transformers AOS2 Lesson 3

VCE Physics Energy U3 AOS3 Lesson 4

VCE Physics Electricity Generation Lesson 5

VCE Physics Lab Work U3 AOS3 Lesson 6

VCE Physics Special Relativity U3 AOS3 Lesson 7

VCE Physics The Time Dilation and Length Contraction U3 AOS3 Lesson 8

VCE Physics Mass – Energy U3 AOS3 Lesson 9

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