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5 Ways to Support Your Teen During HSC

HSC is a stressful time for everyone!

We understand that the stress can effect everyone in the household this includes…
Mum, Dad, Aunt June, Rex the dog and especially your Teenager.

Given its importance to their future, it’s no wonder that Years 11 and 12 and the HSC can bring with it a great deal of stress and pressure. Combine that with the normal teenage issues faced by students in those final years of high school and you have got a recipe for disaster! (We’re kidding)

There are many ways to offer support and love to your teenager during the chaos of HSC.

Today we give you 5 simple ways:

1. Ensure both you and your teen know what to expect
You know what they say; knowledge is power, and with a somewhat brain boggling system like the HSC, it’s definitely powerful to know all that you can about how it all works.

2. Create organisation at school and at home.
The better organised your student is, the higher their chances of success! Being overwhelmed with assignments is worsened when your student has a chaotic schedule or a cluttered desk. Sit down with your teen before the school term begins, talk about the goals they would like to accomplish that term and organise a schedule that works towards achieving it.

3. Try to reduce their chore load during HSC.
Understanding and acknowledging the busy time of the HSC, you may want to consider giving your kids a bit of a break. Cutting them a bit of slack affords them necessary breathing room, and can prevent a feeling of being overwhelmed. Believe us when we say your teen will be grateful for it too.

4. Let them be a teen!
Life as a 16, 17 or 18-year-old isn’t always easy. So it is vitally important to enjoy every moment they can because at the end of the day, these are the memories that will last!

5. Celebrate every (little or big) success.
Make the HSC more enjoyable. Be sure to celebrate your teen’s every success. After all, it isn’t just about the final exams, but about the work that is completed along the way. Congratulate them on a well-written essay or let them know that you’ve noticed they’re doing a really great job of managing their time!

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