From Terrified to Test Ready

Rebecca from Newcastle is a true testament to how tutoring can build a student’s skills, grades and most importantly, confidence.

Since resuming with the Student Tutor Network earlier this year to prepare for NAPLAN, her skills in literacy in particular, have seen dramatic improvement.

Her mum Kerry says the tutors from the Student Tutor Network “have helped her to prepare not only for the work in each test but have also taught her strategies to complete each within the allotted timeframe. We are very grateful to the Student Tutor Network for their invaluable assistance.”

It has been a wonderful time watching Rebecca’s academic growth and we are looking forward to her taking the NAPLAN tests on with more confidence.

“My Tutors have helped me a lot. They have been kind and patient. They have taught me how to finish my work faster. It has made me more confident when I do my tests.”