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What Makes Our Tutors Care?

Julia Weber, 21, has been with STN since August 2017, tutoring across a range of subjects and year levels.

She is currently studying Accounting and Leadership & Management at the University of Newcastle.

“I have had many jobs since I turned 14,” she says, “but I have never been as enriched by one as I have working with these kids.”

Julia’s passion for helping students reach their potential started in year 9 when she wrote a self-help book for teen girls who were victims of bullying.

“Young people deserve to have people believe in them and fight for them and I try to bring that into the sessions with my students. I love knowing that our work together is building their confidence and helping them take on the world in some small way.”

Julia believes in the power of tutoring to change a child’s academic life but more than that, their life more broadly.

She is one of the many tutors at the Student Tutor Network who want to make a positive difference.

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